Saturday, August 6, 2011




Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another updates

Finally, submitted my thesis!! but not really satisfy with it as it lacks of hard-work from me, I admit it >.<
I don't think I'm qualified to be a master student in future if continue my always-last-minute attitude like now...

really a stress and tiring weeks I had, but no stress, life would be no challenges and won't be meaningful I guess...

so as usual, while im busy-ing with my assignments and thesis, it never stop me to spare some times for my family, especially my adorable yet naughty niece, and also my friends...I think that's why I always finish my works in very last minutesT.T

1) my coursemates and dancemates as well...yes I actually dance, don't doubt me,lol..we not only dance but we love to sing too^^

      really had fun with the girls and they're ROCKS!!

at the backstage 

2) my 1yr and 3mnths niece Vyann, she's growing well and more naughty nowadays... 
she's now learning to walk and speak=)

3) my Lady's birthday!!

just me and daddy together with little Vyann celebrated with her while the other 3 princess and princes are working hard over Sg to buy her bungalow perhaps....but I'm sure my Lady still can feel their love across the South China Sea ♥

Tuesday, March 29, 2011



Monday, January 31, 2011

♥Sunny Doll to Those Who Need It♥


For my friends whose area been flooded, hope the sky stop raining 
and may Uncle Sunny bring you all a warm and prosperous
Chinese New Year ^^ ~pray~

Friday, December 31, 2010

New books for a brand New year...

Went to Popular Bookstore at City Square, JB yesterday and bought some books for myself.

1. <<爱情教会我们的事>> by 张小娴
First time read her book. Hoping something great from her writting. =)

2. Idioms & proverbs (English - Chinese)
Learn more words to improve my poor and broken English. X0

3. 2011 planner diary.
Mr. Lum said I need a planner book to jot down things I have to do since I'm so forgetful and clumsy everyday.


Happy New Year 2011 !!!

Anorexic Model

Isabelle Caro...
a French actress and model who had suffered anorexia since age 13 has died in the age of 28.

I'm not her fans, admirer, and I don't even know the existance of this person...until the death of her last month.

I don't know how it feel when suffer anorexia, but it's definitely not a good experiance for her when she only left 31kg body carried with heights of 164cm.

So live a healthy life and choose a healthy way to keep your body fit.
There's no point for you to get thiner and thiner but in return your health is badly affected right?

Isabelle Caro

 Her nude pose in ad campaign against "No Anorexia"

Saturday, December 18, 2010